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The 10 Rarest and also Many Belongings Playstation Gamings
The original Playstation system was among the best marketing consoles of all time yet there are numerous ready the system that are difficult to discover. Several of these PS1 games are extremely uncommon as well as pricey. Below is a checklist of the rarest and most costly Playstation 1 games then why they are so costly.
1. Suikoden II - $250.
Seriously well-known as well as rated among the very best RPG's on the system. Suikoden 2 offered poorly when at first released though so there are few copies offered about the demand. The high as needed then low supply make this the most costly game on the PS1.
2. Methods Ogre - $150.
Originally launched in Japan on the Super Famicom, Techniques Troll is thought about a "work of art" baseding on RPGamer. The author Atlus never printed several copies as well as the few that were made are currently in high need.
3. Valkyrie Profile - $130.
An activity RPG, Valkyrie Profile is a tough to discover on the Playstation 1. It has been rereleased on the PSP which helped spark interest in the original video game then increase the resale prices.
4. Revelations Persona - $90.
Character has a cult like aftering in the RPG world. It does not have a substantial fan base, but those fans are diehards then pay top dollar for original duplicates. The game has given that been reprinted by Atlus which has lowered the resale costs just recently however it is still among one of the most pricey ready the PS1.
5. Last Fantasy VII - $80.
The most effective selling and also most preferred video game on the Playstation, Final Fantasy VII is not uncommon in any way yet very costly still. The game sold 9.8 million copies but as a result of frustrating as needed the video game still costs around $80. The black tag version costs a lot more.
6. Dance Dancing Change Disney Mix - $80.
Konami as well as Disney collaborated to launch a DDR video game featuring Disney personalities and also songs. Disney collectible followers and Dancing Dancing Revolution fans both help enhance the rate for this video game.
7. Lunar Silver Celebrity Story - $65.
The video game is considereded as a change factor for the RPG style. It included video cutscenes, voice acting when these were both uncommon in computer game. The game was not produced in huge quantities but RPG fans enjoy this game because it is enjoyable, best playstation examiner and historical.
8. Smart Qube - $60.
IQ is a puzzle video game then is very unusual. It is among the more challenging to discover PS1 games however not as prominent as some of the titles appearing earlier in this listing which are easier to find. The puzzles in the game are addictive so many proprietors of the game won't offer it.
9. Group Buddies - $60.
The hardest title to find on this list, Group Buddies is a mix of RPG, shooter, and also parlor game all wrapped into one. The game could be located online yet is near difficult to find in the wild.
10. Troll Fight Limited Edition $55.
A rerelease of the Super Nintendo Ogre Battle video game. The PS1 video game initially had a sd card and also map so copies with both these items offer for a premium. The game was only made in limited amounts and Atlus never did a 2nd printing.
Examine your closets then video game collections to see if you have any one of these Playstation 1 rarities. You may be holding a game in your compilation as you review this.
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